A Kink in Brazilian Keratin Hair Straighteners

9.30.2010 | By Kendra Pierre-Louis in Just Means – Business Better News

In a re-cap of the recent flap over keratin companies that market their products as “formaldehyde free,” this article (citing our “Notes on Formaldehyde” page) congratulates QOD COSMETIC USA for the company’s straight-forward, ethical approach to concerns about the chemical content of keratin formulas on its website, “In plain simple language they (QOD) were able to convey that they took steps to make the product as safe as they could, that it still had inherent risks, and that consumers (and stylists) could take steps to mitigate those risks. Why can't more businesses be so reasonable?” Read complete article...

Salon Today Investigates: Brazilian Keratin Services

3.11.2009 | By Victoria Wurdinger in Modern

Originally featured in Salon Today magazine and ultimately posted on, this breakthrough investigative article delves into the history, scientific facts, and controversy surrounding Brazilian Keratin products. Every major manufacturer and supplier of Brazilian Keratin was reviewed for this article, but only QOD COSMETIC USA was cited as an informational resource, due to our reputation for clarity, scientific insight, and international experience. QOD COSMETIC USA’s C.E.O. is featured as a leading expert in the field of advanced Brazilian Keratin services. Read complete article...