Notes on Formaldehyde

In the U.S. market there is a great deal of confusion – and far too much false advertising - regarding Brazilian Keratin products and formaldehyde. Any professional stylist considering offering a Brazilian Keratin treatment will take the time and effort to get to the truth about these formulas, their potency and their effectiveness.

The Myth of “Formaldehyde Free”

There are a number of keratin formulas on the market claiming to be “formaldehyde free.” Technically, this may be correct. Many of these “formaldehyde free” products, however, are likely to contain other “aldehydes,” urea, or similar mixes which share the potent characteristics of formaldehyde. Often these compounds convert into a form of raw, unrefined formaldehyde when heated.

Even though QOD Brazilian Keratin formulas do not contain industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde, we choose not to advertise them as “formaldehyde free.” We find this to be a disingenuous marketing gimmick. More importantly, it is potentially harmful. If stylists are comforted with a false sense of confidence, believing that a product is “formaldehyde free,” they may not follow the same stringent safety protocols they would with other powerful salon products. That would be a mistake.

The bottom line is this:
Any formulation that produces a significant volume-reduction in the hair lasting several weeks is a potent salon product. It should always be treated with healthy respect, and handled in compliance with salon safety protocols by licensed hair professionals only.

There are no exceptions to this, and there are no short cuts to achieving the remarkable, long-lasting effects of a Brazilian Keratin treatment. If a product is truly without formaldehyde or any derivatives, its effects will most likely last only until the next washing. A beautiful flat-iron and blow-out with some nice keratin-based conditioner might last for several days and make a client happy - but this service is not a Brazilian Keratin treatment.

What is Different About QOD Brazilian Keratin?

At QOD COSMETIC, our approach is different. We have always focused on the technology rather than marketing hype, steadily reducing the levels of potent chemicals in our formulas while maintaining – and improving – their long-lasting conditioning and volume reduction effects.

We also respect our clientele, communicating with them frankly and directly about what is involved.

In the U.S. field of relative new-comers to the market, QOD COSMETIC USA stands apart. We have led the world in Brazilian Keratin products for over a decade, and are unique in our expertise. We have developed a cutting edge, patented technique that uses a proprietary compound of actively charged elements to work with the keratin for maximum penetration and effect. With QOD’s process, the ratio of potentially harmful chemicals in our keratin formulas goes way down. This is particularly true in the formulation of QOD GOLD. Click here to learn more...

Several products that have been very successful in the U.S market still rely on a low grade mix of raw, potent ingredients – sometimes coupled with a misleading marketing campaign. These formulas may be effective at volume reduction, but the treatment experience will be far less pleasant – and the results less optimal - than with a QOD formula that has been systematically refined through years of research and testing.

Communicating With Clients

Most of us have a greater level of awareness than ever before regarding chemical content and potential risk.  QOD’s clients are no exception. You are forward-thinking, high-end stylists and salon owners who seek to understand the products you are using and do not fall for marketing hype. You tend to gravitate towards the highest quality, best performing products available, and you expect to receive complete information about them.

Many of your clients, for their part, wish to be informed about the chemical content of products used on their hair. Some may be concerned about formaldehyde, and have probably heard about “formaldahyde free” products. We suggest you explain to your clients the difference between “formaldehyde-free” and “chemical-free.” Go over the potential risks of using a true Brazilian Keratin formula, and demonstrate how you have salon safety protocols in place to protect them. They will appreciate your professionalism – and they will love their hair!