QOD Brazilian Keratin

QOD Gold

This innovative formula represents the cutting edge of keratin-based conditioning and volume reduction technology. QOD GOLD OrganiQ is the highest quality keratin product available today, offered as a luxury treatment in exclusive high-end salons worldwide.

QOD GOLD OrganiQ heightens the effectiveness of keratin using nano-particles of 22 karat gold. While QOD GOLD OrganiQ has a higher price point, it requires 30 percent less formula per application. This means that its overall cost compares very favorably with other, medium-grade formulas.

Price: $359.00 Price Reduced! $261.54


Our original formulation, and still the most popular international brand. Featuring organic Theobroma Cocoa, QOD MAX OrganiQ is a product that is truly powerful, superior and consistent.

Price: $259.00 Price Reduced! $205.00


The first Brazilian Keratin Treatment to incorporate the benefits of Strawberry Fragaria essence. QOD RED OrganiQ is the best selling strawberry keratin formula worldwide.

Price: $259.00 Price Reduced! $205.00

Brazilian Keratin Kits

We’ve bundled together some of our most popular products into pre-priced combinations that will give you everything you need to offer the world’s best keratin treatments – at huge savings!

Prices start at only $258.99!

QOD Pre-Care and After-Care

QOD Gold Original Cleanse

Effectively strips all waste and residue from the hair, opens the cuticle, and properly prepares it for any keratin treatment.

Price: $65.00 Price Reduced! $44.34

QOD GOLD Shampoo/Conditioner

A high-quality after-care regimen to enhance and extend the effects of QOD Brazilian Keratin. Available in single set or 4-set pack.

Prices: $65.00 / $189.00 Prices Reduced! $44.00 / $143.89


QOD Gold

This cutting-edge flat iron is the best we have found for performing Brazilian Keratin treatments, and we are pleased to offer it as part of our product line.

IZUNAMI® irons offer unsurpassed gliding ability for easy styling and handling. The IZUNAMI® 450 model is specially designed for keratin treatments, with a convenient feature that allows you to "click over" to 450 degrees, as well as advanced technology that maintains temperature without heat fluctuation.

Price: $159.00

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