QOD Gold - Brazilian Keratin Treatment
QOD Gold - Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightener

QOD GOLD OrganiQ Brazilian Keratin - 1 Liter bottle
Professional Salon Formula

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This innovative formula represents the cutting edge of keratin-based conditioning and volume-reduction technology. QOD GOLD OrganiQ is the highest quality Brazilian Keratin formula available today, offered as a luxury treatment in exclusive high-end salons worldwide. It stands out as uniquely effective – earning a well-deserved reputation for producing greater shine, smoothness and manageability than any other keratin formula.

Nano-particles of Gold

QOD GOLD OrganiQ heightens the effectiveness of keratin using nano-particles of 24-karat gold. To produce QOD GOLD OrganiQ, we use an innovative 11-stage process which refines and concentrates ingredients to the maximum degree scientifically possible, sequentially processing them into the smallest of nano-particles. This allows the gold itself to permeate the hair, working in tandem with keratin to bring about a robust yet elegant transformation.

Due to QOD GOLD OrganiQ’s international popularity, there are now several keratin brands that claim to contain “gold nano-particles.” Simply adding minute amounts of gold to a keratin formula, however, will not make it more effective. Only QOD COSMETIC has the unique expertise and technical facilities required to process gold into a state where it can synthesize effectively with the rest of the formula, producing truly superior results.

Economical and Versatile

While QOD GOLD OrganiQ has a higher price point, it is so refined that it requires around 30 percent less formula per application. This means that its overall cost compares very favorably with other, medium-grade formulas. Correct application can make the formula go even further – see Application Instructions for details.

Application techniques can also add an un-precedented level of versatility to keratin treatments with QOD GOLD OrganiQ. Many international stylists now service a clientele who request a keratin treatment but wish to retain some degree of natural wave or curl. QOD formulas – QOD GOLD OrganiQ in particular - are well known among these professionals for being versatile enough to produce a wide range of exceptional results when it comes to the level and type of volume reduction sought.

Our educators are currently collaborating with the master stylists that use QOD products to develop increasingly advanced Brazilian Keratin techniques. Any professional who purchases a keratin formula from QOD COSMETIC USA is entitled to benefit from this research, with one-on-one support tailored to your specific needs.