QOD Original Cleanse
QOD Original Cleanse

QOD Original Cleanse Pre-Treatment Shampoo - 1 Liter Bottle

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To ensure the finest results for any Brazilian Keratin treatment, it is essential that the hair cuticle be prepared correctly. QOD Original Cleanse tenaciously strips all waste and impurities out of the hair fiber. This essential step allows the fullest penetration and proper fixation of the nutrients and compounds present in QOD Brazilian Keratin formulas, paving the way for the legendary shine and silky feel of a QOD treatment. Pre-treatment with QOD Original Cleanse is even more important when dealing with undamaged "virgin" hair. Unlike hair that has been previously processed, the cuticle of virgin hair is not as well suited for full absorption of a keratin formula. In these cases, it is recommended to shampoo the hair at least twice with QOD Original Cleanse prior to applying QOD Brazilian Keratin.

Although QOD Brazilian Keratin formulas produce amazing results when used on their own, following the recommended pre-care and after-care regimen is the only way to guarantee the best possible outcome.

A one-liter bottle of QOD Original Cleanse is suitable for 80-100 applications. QOD Original Cleanse is fortified with organic Theobroma cocoa.